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Happy Wednesday! This week our spelling words are a review of some of the spelling words from last week.  We are working with words with silent sounds and I would like the students to have these frequently used spelling words mastered before moving on.  We only have 10 spelling words this week for that reason.  Please make sure to give your child a practice spelling test Thursday evening.  Thank you! 1. Knead 2. Assignment  3. Knives 4. Kneel 5. Honorable 6. Autumn 7. Answer 8. Lambs 9. Doubtful 10. Knob
Posted by htashman  On Dec 12, 2018 at 9:28 PM
Happy Wednesday! Welcome to December!  Below are the spelling words for the week.  Please test your child on these words on Thursday evening. Thank you! 1) wrinkle 2) wrench 3) answer 4) knives 5) kneel 6) plumber 7) thumbs 8) hour 9) knew 10) wrapper 11) knead 12) assignment  13) autumn 14) comb 15) honorable
Posted by htashman  On Dec 05, 2018 at 8:13 AM
Happy Tuesday! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break!   Below are the spelling words for the week.  Please test your child on these words on Thursday evening.  Thank you! 1. Herb 2. Person 3. Serpent 4. Pearl 5. Shirt 6. Twirl 7. Curl 8. Turkey 9. Turnip 10. Sternly 11. Blurred 12. Purpoe 13. Birthmark 14. Squirm 15. Emergency 
Posted by htashman  On Nov 27, 2018 at 5:33 PM
Happy Wednesday! Listed below are the spelling words for the week.  Please make sure your child is completing the spelling tasks by checking there homework and signing their agenda.  Please give him or her a practice spelling test Thursday evening. 1) retie 2) preseason 3) unlocked 4) marshal 5) cherish 6) bathtub 7) stringy 8) thrift 9) shredding 10) throb 11) bore 12) door 13) fort 14) carpet 15) shapeless Student council would like to remind everyone of the food drive currently taking place.  Below is a bit of information about it. Canned Food Drive Please donate cans and non-perishable items to help those in need! Dates: November 8th – November 30th.  Prizes will be awarded to the most generous grade levels.  Sponsored by BPA’s Student Council. All proceeds will be donated to St. Mary’s Food Bank.  Thank you for your support! The weather is getting colder! Please remind your child to bring a light jacket or sweater to stay warm in the morning while they wait for the bell to ring.  
Posted by htashman  On Nov 14, 2018 at 11:39 AM
Happy Wednesday and November! Our spelling words for the week are listed below.  Please make sure to test your child on these words Thursday evening.  He or she should be completing spelling tasks each night as spelling homework.  Please make sure to sign his or her agenda once you have checked that the homework is complete. Thank you! 1. Sickly 2. Quickly 3. Slowly 4. Wonderful 5. Beautiful 6. Darkness 7. Ageless 8. Illness 9. Spotless 10. Weakness 11. Thoughtful 12. Goodness 13. Darkest 14. Gymnastics 15. Fantastic There are still spots available for the Novice Nomad program.  If your child is interested please encourage him or her to ask Dr. Vizcarra or myself for a flyer with more information!  It is a phenomenal opportunity! We began our research project on sharks this week.  Students will complete this project both in and out of the classroom using their iPads.  I know I’m excited and hope the students share in this excitement!  It should be a wonderful learning opportunity!  Just a reminder from our wonderful ladies in the front office, Mrs. Sabbagh in particular. Parents we need your help in reducing the amount of absences and tardies happening at our school. Currently we have had 326 absences in K-8th grade which puts us at 97%. The states goal is for schools to be at 95% or better at the end of the year. We know with the flu season coming that our percentage will decrease. We also process about 30-50 tardies per day. The high numbers being on special days such as prep pride day or dress down days. We are asking for your help by making sure your students are in their seats at 7:30 and that you are scheduling doctor appointments after school and scheduling family vacations during school days off. Have a wonderful rest of your week!
Posted by htashman  On Nov 07, 2018 at 7:44 PM
Happy Monday! Listed below are the spelling words for this week.  Students should be completing one spelling homework task per night. With the Grand Canyon field trip on Friday we will have the spelling test Monday morning.  Please test your child on these words on Sunday evening. Thank you! 1. dart 2. guard 3. award 4. argue 5. target 6. charge 7. spark 8. morning 9. stormy 10. core 11. charcoal 12. enlarge 13. guitar 14. uproar 15. predator Wednesday is “Fall-o-ween”! Students can wear costumes to school for the “Fall-o-ween” parade that begins at 8:30AM. Guidelines provided by the school for wearing costumes are as follow: -  If students wear a costume that includes accessories, it is acceptable as long as they do not include any weapons or dangerous objects. We ask that all hair, makeup, accessories and costumes be worn to school. Students will not have an opportunity to change in or out of their costume at school.  -  Costumes should be appropriate for school. The principal or principal's designee have the authority to determine appropriateness of costumes.The dress code policy and all school rules apply. No high heels, mini-skirts/shorts, or tank tops. The costumes should not be bloody or with the desire to scare someone. Parents are invited to attend the parade and are asked to line up along the field facing the school on the west side of the campus. We will not be having a Halloween party in either class and ask that treats are not sent to school with students on Wednesday.  Dr. Vizcarra and I will have academic activities related to Halloween to celebrate the occasion. Thursday is Prep Pride Day.  Thursday morning student council will have a table set up to face paint for Prep Pride Day.  Hope to see kids in black and orange!  Friday is our field trip to the Grand Canyon! Students attending the trip will need to be at the school at 5:00AM.  The temperature for the Grand Canyon on Friday will be a high of 59 degrees as of today.  Please make sure to send your child with a coat or sweatshirt to accommodate this temperature difference.  We are looking forward to an exciting experience at the Grand Canyon! Have a wonderful week!
Posted by htashman  On Oct 29, 2018 at 9:50 PM
Happy Monday! Provided below is the list of this week’s spelling words.  Please make sure to quiz your child on these words on Thursday evening.  unblock unchain unload relearn rewash imperfect indirect incorrect overheat preplan supersize rewind overacting submarine superpower   Last week we began sending home our class agendas.  Please make sure you are initialing at the bottom of each night after checking your child’s homework.  As part of the agenda, students will color in a square to indicate which color on the behavior chart they were on at the end of each class.  In my class what each color represents is listed below:   Pink - Super Student Blue - Excellent Effort Green - Ready to Learn Yellow - Make Better Choices Red - Parent Contact   It is that time of the year!  Parent teacher conferences are just around the corner.  Provided below is a link to the SignUpGenius page that is acting as our sign up sheet.  Please make sure to choose two time slots back to back for a total of 30 minutes.  This will allow for 15 minutes in Dr. Vizcarra’s classroom and 15 minutes in my classroom.  In fourth grade we have student led conferences.  Dr. Vizcarra and myself will be in the classrooms to answer any specific questions you may have after students have finished their conferences.  If you have any questions about the conference times, please send one of us an email.   https://www.signupgenius.com/go/508084fa9a92baafa7-student   Have a wonderful week!
Posted by htashman  On Sep 24, 2018 at 3:42 PM
Happy Wednesday! Below you will find the spelling words for this week.  Please make sure you quiz your child on these words Thursday evening.   We have received our student agendas finally!  We started sending them home today.  Please initial at the bottom of each day to show that you have seen your child’s completed homework.  Student photos went home today, Wednesday September 19th, please look for those in backpacks. There is an informational meeting for the Dominican Republic trip this summer on September 24th at 5:30 in room 709.  Below is a link for that event if you are interested. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ms-perrones-2019-dominican-republic-tour-registration-50133763436 1. Bolt 2. Toll 3. Shadow 4. Mows 5. Lower 6. Blown 7. Mole 8. Stone 9. Chose 10. Sole 11. Goal 12. Load 13. Roasting 14. Motionless 15. Quote  Happy Birthday to our September babies: Katherine S., Belle, Ricky, Phoenyx, Brody, and Ian!! Have a wonderful rest of your week! 
Posted by htashman  On Sep 19, 2018 at 12:35 PM
Happy Tuesday! We completed our ELA pre-test assessment yesterday and today.  As students finished they did a great job at giving their peers a respectful testing environment by picking up their silent reading book and reading.  Tomorrow we will be returning to our regularly scheduled show for the rest of the week.  Students were sent home with the spelling homework for this week yesterday.  I will provide that list below for your reference.  I will be sending a reading passage for the second half of the week on Wednesday.  This passage will include comprehension questions.  Students are expected to answer these questions in complete sentences.    Thursday is our first Prep Pride Day! Hope to see everyone decked out in orange and black!  I will try my best to meet the students’ expectations!   Friday is dollar dress down day!  Please make sure your child has a dollar in hand if they are out of uniform on Friday.    Happy early birthday to our friend and classmate Damian! He celebrates his birthday on Friday, August 31!   Major stray drain faint claim graze ache slate neighbor railway display relay nickname eighteen obeyed
Posted by htashman  On Aug 28, 2018 at 4:04 PM
Hello parents and guardians! Happy Wednesday! This week we have begun sending homework in the blue communication folders.  Students have been completing spelling homework for me and have been told to read for 20 minutes a day. They have the spelling list on the spelling homework sheet in the folder. Students should be completing only one spelling task per day.  These tasks are checked daily and should be returning to school with the students.  On Thursdays students should be tested on their spelling words at home by a parent, older sibling, or other willing participant. We have not been provided with agendas yet but will quickly get those to students when we have them. A parent signature will be required in these agendas to show homework was completed once we begin sending these home. Below I will provide the spelling list for your reference as we close in on Thursday.   I sent home the iPad agreement form today with a handful of students who have not yet returned them. Please check your child’s backpack if you have not filled out this form yet.  We are so close to having all turned in and getting to use our iPads.  I know the students are super excited to start using them! A reminder, this Friday is school picture day! Students are able to dress down for this.  1) flat 2) cash  3) band  4) left  5) shelf 6)wealth 7) hint 8) plot 9) odd 10) plum 11) crunch 12) build 13) when 14) sandwich 15) typical
Posted by htashman  On Aug 22, 2018 at 3:30 PM
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