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Upcoming Events §Uniform Exchange @ drop off and pickup August 20-24 §BPA K-3 Soccer registration deadline is August 24
Posted by dguillen  On Aug 19, 2018 at 4:54 PM
Hello Parents Excited to say, we are now into our 3rd week of School! Thank you to those that were able to make it to Open House! If you weren't stay tune... Volunteers: Parents: I am in need of a volunteer to help me with some last minute stuff. Please email me! If you were not able to attend please email to make make up for Flip meeting.  Whats new this week! *Fluency worksheets start Monday! Math Resources 3rd grade M1 Videos 2nd grade M1 Videos Ciencias 2/3 grade Plants Espanol Grammar Wall Review Reading  Sra Guillen Please excuse any errors as I am learning to use our websites!
Posted by dguillen  On Aug 19, 2018 at 4:43 PM
Thank you families that were able to attend our Open House/Curriculum Night! If you were unable to attend we sent home the slides from our presentation as well as your access codes to your student's Classroom Dojo and the August reading log for ELA homework. We will collect the completed reading logs at the end of the month. Please email if you have any questions about the information we presented. Reminders vAll paperwork is now due back to the school so it can be turned in to the front office. Please sign and return all paperwork in your child’s communication folder. vThe first grade website can now be accessed by the updated link:          vMake sure to click on the subscribe button if you would like to receive email alerts when website content has been updated! Upcoming Events vUniform Exchange @ drop off and pickup August 20-24 vBPA K-3 Soccer registration deadline is August 24 This Weeks Focus English Language Arts (ELA) Fiction Vs. Non fiction text, Parts of a book, Personal Narrative stories Social Studies How to be a good first grade citizen by following classroom rules and working together Math Sums and differences to 10 using number bonds Science Different Kinds of Animals Spanish Language Arts (SLA) Review of colors, months and days of the week  
Posted by jbohannon  On Aug 19, 2018 at 3:38 PM
Good Afternoon!   Hopefully we are able to access the school site by now. Be sure to  go to the “useful links” category to see spelling lists and other attachments. This week there should be a spelling list and comprehension practice for both grades. The comprehension attachment is extra practice, but not required homework. If you were unable to attend the FLIP meeting on Thursday, please email Sra. Guillen or myself to schedule a quick (20 minute) meeting. Students will NOT be able to take ipads home until you have attended this meeting. If you have attended the meeting before for a sibling, you do not need to attend again, but still need to sign the permission slip that was passed out at the training. Please email if you need the slip. GRADED WORK- I grade all work at the same time, and send everything in a packet on Fridays. This means that spelling tests from last Friday, will not be sent home until THIS Friday.                                                                    This week                                                                                                                                                           2nd Grade- We will be learning how to self-edit as well as peer edit our friendly letters. We will publish our letter by the end of the week. We will be learning about character, setting and plot within literary texts. In social studies, we will be learning about community members and will be using a double bubble map to compare and contrast different community members.                                                                                           3rd Grade-We will be self and peer editing our friendly letters. We will look back at our paragraphs to see where we can add complex/compound sentences. We will publish our final product at the end of the week. In reading, we will be learning to determine important events as well as sequence those events within a literary text. We will be using a flow map or organize our ideas. In social studies we will be learning about the difference between cities, states, countries and continents. 
Posted by lfarris  On Aug 19, 2018 at 3:26 PM
kinder weekly week 3.docx
Posted by ireiter  On Aug 18, 2018 at 6:59 AM
Dear Family member, Thank you to those parents who came to the iPad meeting last night.  If you were unable to make it, please make an appointment with me to go over the information on the contract.  We cannot send iPads home until all parents have attended a meeting and sign the contract sheet.  I promise it will not take very long.  Also, I will be posting the power point for Open House so that you are aware of the information we discussed yesterday.  This coming week will look as follow:  Math: The standards for next week are 3.OA.2, 3.OA.4, and 3.OA.6.  Students should be practicing their multiplication facts daily.  For this week they are to continue practicing the 2 times tables and start on the 3 times tables. Science:  We are starting with our Plant unit.  Students will be reviewing the parts of the plant, their function, life cycle of flowering and nonflowering plants, and photosynthesis.  We will be taking notes on these concepts throughout the quarter. Spanish: I have attached a vocabulary list under attachments for this week.  We will be having our first vocabulary test on August 30th.  Students are also responsible for the spelling of those words.  Next month I will be sending a separate list for Spelling.
Posted by vramirez  On Aug 17, 2018 at 3:22 PM
Dear Family Member: Welcome to the third week of third grade! This week our class will focus on traditions. We will talk about how our traditions can teach us about different cultures. Here are some activities that you can do with your child to help reinforce the skills we’ll be practicing. Word Workout Words to Know: context clues Help your child describe a birthday party for the United States using this week’s vocabulary words. You will talk about why it would be different from other birthday parties. Spelling/Phonics: short vowels e, o, u Your child is going to name the letter that stands for the vowel he or she hears when you read a word from the list. Then your child will spell the word. Comprehension: sequence You will read a story about a boy who builds a model of the first Thanksgiving. Help your child follow the order of events in the story. Then your child will number the events in the correct order to show what happened in the story. Thinking Maps: double bubble and flow Students will continue using thinking maps to organize their thoughts. Double bubble maps are used to compare and contrast information while the flow map is used for sequencing. Ask your child about ways to use these thinking maps. Seesaw If you haven’t signed up for your child’s Seesaw account, please use the correct link below to locate your student. We will attempt to begin using our Seesaw some time next week. Stewart Seesaw: Ramirez Seesaw:   Thank you to all of our families who attended the Open House and iPad meeting. In order for us to begin sending iPads home with students, we need all parents to attend. If you were NOT able to make the meeting, please contact me via email ASAP so we can arrange a time.   Please feel free to contact me anytime via email at Have a wonderful week!   ~Ms. Stewart    
Posted by astewart  On Aug 17, 2018 at 9:18 AM
Newsletter Week of 8.20
Posted by hhoneman  On Aug 16, 2018 at 9:57 PM
Newsletter Week 8.13
Posted by hhoneman  On Aug 16, 2018 at 9:49 PM
In Team Sports so far we have done both a physical and mental pre test. The physical pre test measured a variety of each students plyometric, agility, endurance and strength abilities while the mental pretest included a variety a sports questions in regards to the rules of the game. We will be doing a post test to measure growth towards the end of the semester. Our first unit will be volleyball where we will be learning the skills as well as the rules and strategies for the game. Every Wednesday in team sports we will be working on building our athletic abilities with a variety of circuits. 
Posted by jziskovsky  On Aug 16, 2018 at 11:48 AM
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