Cindy Lee

Welcome to My Classroom

Cindy Lee

I was born in California but was raised, and have lived in Tempe, Arizona. all but six months of my life.  I feel like I am more Native Arizonan than a Californian.  I have two sisters, and no brothers.  My poor dad feels outnumbered.   My family motto is "All for one and one for All.  This is a what I would like to instill in my children at school.  I do not have any children of my own.  My children are those I teach. 
Education: I attended Laird School from K-6th grade, went to McKemy for Junior HIgh, and Tempe Union High for high school.  

College/University Degrees:  AA  at MCC
Reading/ELD/Early Childhood Endorsements 

Teaching Experiences:  I have taught for over 22 years.  I taught 2nd grade for 11 years

Expectations:  My expectations are that the children in my class will be able to hold a meaningful conversation with those around them.  They will be able to express themselves using academic vocabulary learned.  While learning and holding discussions they will ask high order questions about what they are reading, and what they have heard.  They will be able to defend their answers proving their point with text and citing evidence.  As they learn, they will express their thinking process using area models, thinking maps, and notes they have taken.  It is my hopes that my children will come out of my class feeling that they have truly gained a deep understanding of what they have learned through the methods already mentioned.

Please feel free to contact me at: 
  (602) 381-6160 Ext. 47406