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Dual Language Program

A Dual Language School for Kindergarten to 8th Grade Students

Why Choose Biltmore Prep?

The innovative Dual Language program at Biltmore Prep provides K-8 students with literacy and content instruction through two languages, English and Spanish. Students benefit both socially and cognitively; develop greater non-verbal problem solving abilities; and more flexible thinking.  The Dual Language program at Biltmore Prep is a tuition free program for students.

Program Goals:
Provide students an opportunity to reach a high level of proficiency in a second language by the time they promote from 8th grade. This level of language proficiency is a 21st century skill that allows students to be successful in our global community.

Our Dual Language Students:

  • Develop literacy, language and academic achievement in English and Spanish
  • Are positive, confident and excited about learning
  • Become bilingual at no cost to their English development
  • Gain awareness and appreciation for diverse cultures
  • Acquire multitasking and metacognitive skills; encourages strategic thinking and problem solving

Dual Language Program Benefits:

  • Instruction in both English and Spanish
  • Increased flexible thinking and problem solving
  • English and Spanish language fluency and literacy
  • Positive cross-cultural attitudes promoting high self-esteem
  • Access to language and culture study integrated into the entire school experience

According to Penn State researchers, learning a new language changes the brain network both structurally and functionally. Like physical exercise, the more you use specific areas of your brain, the more it grows and gets stronger.

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